Why go to a professional photographer for your corporate headshot?

We have noticed an increased interest in people calling to get an executive portrait or corporate headshot taken for their social media profile page like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus. Also many companies ask for a photo when you apply for a job. We recently had a young lady who came in for just that, a photo to accompany her resume. She had been through the first round of the interview process. The interviewer was impressed with her and her qualifications but the photos she submitted were completely unprofessional. (She showed them to us, he was right.) The interviewer suggested she go to a professional photographer for a headshot.

Your Corporate Headshot

The approach to photographing a profession headshot is different from a modeling photo or even family portrait. Though any portrait should show your personality a business headshot should also portray you as confident and approachable. When someone sees your photo on your website, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, or any other site they should be able to say, “I want to do business with this person.” Your photo should show confidence and likability. How do I accomplish this? I help you through it. When you come in before we shoot, we talk. We discuss the purpose of the headshot. How many looks you want. If you bring in different looks I give you my opinion of what I think would be best and why. The ultimate decision of course is your. By the end of our short consultation, I have a better idea of who you are and you of who I am.

Bottom line is that this is the photo that people will judge you by. They will determine if the want to do business with you or even maybe your company. Your profile picture needs to show you are professional, approachable, and ready for business. It is our job to bring this out in you.

To see more headshot samples you can visit our sister company Palo Alto Headshots.