Corporate Event at Menlo Grill Restaurant

Corporate Event at Menlo Grill Restaurant at Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park, CA

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Menue display

Menlo Grill Menue display

Chairs Photo by the Hotel Windows

Chairs by the Stanford Park Hotel Windows

Remodeling plans

Remodeling plans

Wine display

Wine served during the celebration

Cheese table Photo

Cheese table

Oysters photo

Oysters served to the guests.

Wine Table Photo

Wine Table

Guests candid photo

Guests candid photo in front of the windows

Drinks photo

Drinks served during the event.

General view

General view of the event.

Opening remarks

Opening remarks.

Guests Photo

Guests Photo at the courtyard of the Stanford Park Hotel.

Band Photo

Musicians Playing music.

Corporate Event at Menlo Grill Restaurant at Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park

Corporate events can be any event that a business thinks is important enough to have documented. We have photographed groundbreaking ceremonies, a ribbon cutting ceremonies, presenting of the key of the city, retirement parties, partner announcement, corporate training sessions and many other events. Recently, The Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park, CA invited some loyal patrons and others to their announcement for the renovation of the bar area for the Menlo Grill and hotel rooms that will start in the near future. This announcement was big enough that they wanted the event to be covered by a photographer.

The coverage was basically candid documentation and some photojournalism. We took photos of the food being served. They had passed hors d’œuvres and buffet style all tastefully presented. The plans for the new bar i.e. chairs, fabrics etc. were on display for the attendees to view. Besides the beverages and food, there was a steel drum duo that entertained the guests until the formal announcement of the renovations that were going to happen.

Companies can use these professional taken photos for their publicity or even for historical records. These days most companies have a blog or newsletter that informs their clients of important events, new products, etc., having professional photographs for these publications makes a difference in the impression they leave with their clients (present and future).

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