San Francisco Holiday Party

San Francisco Holiday Party

Happy Holiday sign photo

Event photography of the holiday

Tables set up photo

Tables set up photo at Bimbo’s 365

buffet table set ups

Catering by TOW had set up three buffet tables for the guest at Bimbo’s 365

wide angle photo of the buffet tables

General view of the buffet Tables set up at Bimbo’s 365. Catering by TOW

Guests tables photo

Guests tables photo, available light photography.

Staff candid photo

Staff of Catering by TOW doing finishing touched to the buffet table

candid photo of guest getting food

Chef in action

Roulette table photo

Roulette Table photo showing guests having fun.

guests getting food photo

Guests getting food from the buffet table prepared by Catering by TOW.

Dessert photo

Dessert photo

Band Photo

You can not do photography at Bimbo’s 365 without taking a photograph of the band.

dancing candid photo

More fun dancing candid photo

We just photographed a San Francisco Holiday Party for DPR Construction. We were there to cover the event for Catering by the Other Woman who catered the party. The party was at Bimbo’s, a San Francisco legendary club. The club has been around since 1931. Growing up in the Bay Area it’s something that I always heard about. If you don’t know anything about Bimbo’s 365 you can read about it on their website.

Since we were there for Catering by the Other Woman, the food and the décor was what we were there to document. Much of what we photographed was with the available light to pick the ambiance of the evening. The rooms were dark and had a real club atmosphere. I think the photos reflex the mood of the evening.

It was an amazing place for a holiday party for a company, they had also incorporated a casino in one of the rooms. Not only did Catering by the Other Woman serve a great meal but also the club looked incredible. There was an entire lounge set up with gaming tables for those who wanted play. The other room was set with 3 beautiful buffet set ups and tables for the guests eat dinner. As the evening progressed and everyone had eaten the buffet table were taken out and it was time for the party to begin. The band Pop Fiction preformed while the guest danced the night away. Those who wanted to play in the gaming room could still have fun there and those who just wanted to socialize also had a place to do so.

I met some of the guests from DPR Construction who told me this was their third year for the holiday party at Bimbo’s and the second year with Pop Fiction. It sounded like if they came back next year they would be happy.

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Special Event Photography Holiday Party

Holiday Party reception room

Alumni Center Reception room at Stanford University

Buffet table photo

Buffet tables ready for the Holiday Party for the Department of Anesthesia

dessert Photo

Dessert Photo with a holiday theme.

drinks photo

Drinks photo at the bar

Chef instructing the staff on how to cut the meat

Chef instructions to the staff of Catering by TOW

meats table photo

Meats are ready to be served!

food photo

Food Photo on the buffet table

room photo

Banquet Room Photo available light Photography

candid photo during the event

Candid photo of the guests

Candid photo

Candid Photo during the Cocktail Hour

table set up

Holiday Party Table set up

buffet table photo

General view of the buffet table available light photography

Special Event Photography, Holiday Party at Stanford University

Department of Anesthesia Holiday Party 2012 was held at the Stanford Alumni Center on the campus of Stanford University. It is one of many holiday events catered by Catering by The Other Woman. Last night we covered a more casual holiday party on campus that was held after work for SEIPR  and most people came directly after work. Tonight’s event was a bit formal even though both events were beautifully presented.

The guests enjoyed an assortment of passed appetizers, a table of a variety amazing sushi rolls and other shellfish. The beautiful buffet included holiday favorites like turkey and seasonal vegetables. The desserts were a wonderful variety of individual size desserts. There was something for everyone.

The guests were treated to the music of DJ Matt from Sound In Motion who kept the mood right for a wonderful Holiday Party.

This was an elegant holiday party an a festive way to end the year.

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Holiday Party Photography Stanford

 Holiday Party Photography Stanford

SIEPR building

SIEPR building at Stanford University

Lobby photo

Lobby holiday photo at SIEPR building at Stanford University

buffet Table photo

Buffet Table photo prepared by Catering by TOW

Table center piece photo

Holiday table center piece photo

Staff photo preparing the appetizer table

Catering by TOW Staff photo preparing the appetizer table

staff photo

Catering by TOW Staff Photo preparing the Buffet Table

outdoor photo

Outdoor photo with guests getting food prepared by Catering by TOW

door sign photo

Door sign photo showing the guests in the background


 Holiday Party Photography at Stanford University

Holiday Party Photography is a service we are asked to provide, every year Catering by The Other Woman caters many Holiday parties for different departments at Stanford University.  We do not cover all of the events for them but when they feel they will need some new photos for their web site or portfolio they will ask me to come and photograph the set up, food, and general ambiance of the event….

This event was for the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR).  There are so many Institutes at Stanford and I am always amazed at what issues and policies are discussed so close to us. This holiday party was for SIEPR faculty, staff, researchers and their families.  It was on a Friday evening after work so it was a bit more casual than some other events. The building was decorated with a festive holiday tree and beautifully presented holiday buffet.

Event Photography Style

I captured the evening using mostly available light to pick up all the details of the decorations and to give the room some depth of field so that the photographs will not come out flat looking.

When documenting an event like a holiday party you have to show the personality of the event. Yes, the holiday decorations are definitely part of that. The dinner room with green table clothes and red flowers definitely show the holiday atmosphere but this party was on a college campus. The backpacks thrown in the corner of the room absolutely shows a part of the personality of the event.

We will be present at other holiday parties for Stanford this year it will be interesting to see what the personality of the different events will be.

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