Website Photos For Menlo Grill Restaurant

Website Photos for Menlo Grill Restaurant in Menlo Park

Menlo Grill Restaurant Sign

Menlo Grill Restaurant Sign On The Entrance Door

Sitting Area Photo

Sitting Area in Front of the restaurant

Inside Scene

Inside Scene of Menlo Grill Restaurant in Menlo Park

Inside Scene

Inside Scene of Menlo Grill Restaurant in Menlo Park

Chef Portrait

Portrait of Menlo Grill Chef

One of the Main Entrées

One of the Main Entrées Offered by Menlo Grill Restaurant

Stake Plate Photo

Stake Plate Offered by Menlo Grill Restaurant

Drink Photo

Famous Drinks Are Offered At The Bar

Cocktail Drink Photo

Cocktail Drinks Are Offered At The Bar

Front View Photo

Front View Of The Restaurant.

Website Photography for The Menlo Grill in Menlo Park, CA

Photos for your website are just as important as having a website. How many times have you looked at food pictures at a restaurant and thought, “Boy, do they need better pictures!” Even if the restaurant’s recommendation comes from a great source you wonder about their commitment to their business. Why they didn’t go the extra mile to hire a professional and get some great photos to put all line?

We were recently asked to take photos for The Menlo Grill at The Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park.  They needed new photos for their website and maybe some printed material. They had good photos but wanted to change the look of  the website.

We started with shots of the dining area without patrons. It was a great opportunity to not only take different views of the interior of the restaurant, but also the inviting rocking chairs that line the front of the exterior of the Menlo Grill. Executive Chef Erik Romme, the head of the culinary team, also prepared some of the signature meals to be photographed. We took some time to take a few new photos of Chef Erik Romme to update his profile.

Since the bar and lounge will be remodeled soon they didn’t need any photos of the bar but a few of some drinks, wine, beer and some signature cocktails. While we were there we also took some photos of one of the small conference rooms.

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