Website Photos

Website Photos

Website Photos by a professional photographer makes a huge different for a new website. This is an example of a dental office which the website needed an update.

Our client contacted us wanting new photos for their website.

One of the most important aspects for me as a photographer is to know what my client has in mind. I need to understand their vision of the final outcome. This is true for any photography I do whether it be a headshot, conference, awards ceremony, business opening and like this photo shoot new website photos. During our consultation I learned that they wanted so show the new office space.  They wanted the patients to feel like they are comfortable and familiar.

We set up a photo shoot for the office. I photographed the rooms, waiting area, the parking, the building and many other aspects of the office. We also had a headshot session with two different looks. He decided on two looks to show not only how he meets with his patients but also a more formal, business look.

For more information on about website photography services visit our Website Photography Page on this site. To see more headshot samples you can visit our sister company Palo Alto Headshots. To view these photos larger visit our Gallery.

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