Microbiology Conference Photos

Please enjoy these Conference photos taken at the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, CA during the Microbiology Conference organized by ASMCUE June 14- 19, 2012.

conference Photography mini session presentation conference attendees photo Main speaker photo award ceremony vendors display photo respond units vendors display at the conference fun photo of the organizers

As an event and wedding photographer we receive requests not only from individuals but also businesses, companies and organizations for different profession types of photography services. In fact, I enjoy these different types of events and conferences because I learn new things. Last week we had the pleasure of photographing a conference for the American Society for Microbiology at the Marriot in San Mateo. “What is Microbiology? Microbiology is the study of minute living organisms that can rarely be seen without the use of a microscope. Microbiologists study microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa that are ever-present in…” That was on the cover of one of the brochures at the conference.

Conference photos

There are many different aspects of the conference that the ACM wanted documented. Besides the meetings and presentations, the dinners and gatherings were great places for attendees to meet with each other and share ideas. There were even awards that were presented.

On the second day of the conference it was Vendor’s Day. There were exhibitors that ranged from textbook publisher to institutions of higher learning.

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